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Returning customer, back to .NET

Sep 21
When you see a returning clinet, you know that they like you (or that your price is too low :-) ).
Any how, I got a returning client for the first time in few years now, it is clear that they liked my work (and possible my prices too). This time with a complete new project.

.NET in particular VB.NET

The project was already built, thys just needed to copy it to apply it to another country, sound easy, so I agreed with the old price per hour just because I was to jump into .net in any way.
And this is my chance
Taking that with a sacrifice of the price is completely worth it, it turns out that I did not forget as much as I thought, instead, I actually added a lot of enhances that user did not ask for (Something I love to do for customers when I have time and want to keep them on the hook).

And that turns out to be long project (8 months instead of what we thought of just 4).

I was honest with them in the first place, that I kknow .net, I just might need to refresh myself woth some stuff here and there, and we did have some large blockers, but evantually, the client was happy, we did all what we wanted to do, plus a lot of new requests (and changes were not in the plan), this is mostly why it is a good sign when a 4-months project got extended.
Monday Sep, 21, 2015 7:23
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