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IraqiNames or ArabicNames in Bootstrap

Aug 21
A long past due project that comes to life within 3 weeks. with flexibility to add new names by users, add transliterations and name means.
I admit, I am having some free time.
Since my wife is out of town (with my 3 yrs kid that could not leave me alone few hours) for few weeks now.
And since I am missing them, I wanted to pull myself away.
So here it is, a domain I bought for this particular idea a while back.
Then I found out that is available, and since my plan was to extend the tool, I bought it and linked those two to the same website.

Now we have a new website, Classic ASP+MS SQL+JQuery

And since I just leanred some Bootstrap, I went with that design, I needed to try it out before I can make sure I will start using it.
Friday Aug, 21, 2015 7:36
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