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Excel/VBA expert since Sep 1997 (19 years 11 months)

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Hey, this is me ANmar (Capital A and Capital N), also known as XLMan, VBAXLMan and XLBro, it looks like, I am an Excel-guy duh!!!.
Driven by results, fast-learning, and above all an Excel addict and a workaholic at the same time.
Since 1996 whe I first sat in front of a Windows 95 screen, I start thinking of developing, and after few months, strated doing that actually. mainly developing tools and systems using Microsoft Excel and VBA, I am still enjoy creating new projects and solving issues or questions by my clients or online forums.
Since 1997 when Excel was known as Excel97, I spent a lot of time teaching myself Excel formulas then VBA in Excel, and at the same time teaching others what he learned. It turned out that I am learning from my sudents more than they learn from me, this could be either because I am bad teacher (which I am sure I am not), or I am a better student than mine :-) Read more ....

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Best way to reach me is through email: ANmar {aat} Amdeen {dot} com

However, if you have a cell phone inside USA, you can call or text my StarStar number **ANmars

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Here is the list of references I can brag about, if you have something to say about me (good or bad), please add your reference here, trust me, I will post all references even bad ones if they are true.
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