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List of applications that any advanced user need to have, (Recommended by me). This is basically my list of tools that I cannot live without.

AOMEI Backupper

Image backup and restoration, with ability to create WinPE bootable USB, these type of applications means nothing without this ability

AOMEI Partition Assistant

The easy-to-use with Windows and WinPE interfaces application to manage and edit partitions, I needed this one to create Linux partitions for some project

G Mapper sitemap

Sitemap creator. Once you have some websites, you would always need these appliations to create and update sitemap, this one is free and yet powerfull

Clock link

The best way to include an analog clock on a webpage, in the old days, Iused it in an html then I assigned that html as my desktop background, that was before I met Alwact desktop clock


Splitting large files into small with or without zipping, I just adore these small apps creaeted by people who do not make living out of developing,

Eassos PartitionGuro

Finally, a free partition all-in-one or a very close to it that can do almost all types of drives, see all of them, I needed this one to restore my drives and get a fresh install for my computer.
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