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List of applications that any advanced user need to have, (Recommended by me). This is basically my list of tools that I cannot live without.

MX Player

Liked it since it runs flv files.
MX Player - The best way to enjoy your movies.


Gas Buddy

Find Cheap Gas Prices
Gas prices can vary by up to 20 cents per gallon or more. GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices with one tap.
Submitting gas prices helps everyone save money on gas.

Mixzing Media Player

Just like K9 email client, this app is installed on every new phone I got, it is the one that enables me to play by folders in addition to other modes.

MixZing is simply the most advanced media player around!

Battery Mix

The best Battery moniter, it shows your battery as a bar at the top of your screen (or any corner). As an old mobile user (since Windows Mobile 4.0) I liked to have a quick way to see my battery

Bussiness Calendar Widget

Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that is synchronising with your Google calendars!

Lease Miles

A simple minimal app that tracks and calculates the mileage that your lease car should be reading at any day. You just need to input the start date, the initial mileage, and the daily mileage allowance.
The app has a widget for both homescreen and lockscreen (for devices with JB 4.2).
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