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Recommended mobile apps that are not Windows nor Android

3D Weather widget

A 3D Digital Weather Clock widget with size 4x2
It features:....

Astro File Manager

The one that gives it to you all, copy, move files from/to local memory as well as clouds

Athan (Azan) free - Mobile

Mobile app to run Athan/Azan on almost any mobile Supported phones, by

Battery Mix

The best Battery moniter, it shows your battery as a bar at the top of your screen (or any corner). As an old mobile user (since Windows Mobile 4.0) I liked to have a quick way to see my battery

Battery wallpaper

I liked this one, since it can show me the battery level (without) draining the batter like others do.
Battery Level Wallpaper, is ....

Bussiness Calendar Widget

Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that is synchronising with your Google calendars!