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Recommended applications that run directly from your browser, or links to practical websites

G Mapper sitemap

Sitemap creator. Once you have some websites, you would always need these appliations to create and update sitemap, this one is free and yet powerfull

Clock link

The best way to include an analog clock on a webpage, in the old days, Iused it in an html then I assigned that html as my desktop background, that was before I met Alwact desktop clock

Online Stopwatch

Online simple easy and helpful stopwatch and counter, give it a try, I used it to get time needed to run some tasks and then capture screenshots to show to end user


The best web-based-Quran-Search, love it and used it a lot


Nice way to have textarea Source


I have been trying to find a simple, HTML commenting tool, to allow my website users to comment, looks like the Facebook version is the best