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Recommended Windows applications, with or without installations, most of them are free small tools

Media player codecs

Codecs needed to run most of the videos, it is funny that Windows media player dos not support this.

SPB Wallet

The new giant in mobile software is here, Trust me, I tried a lot of passwords organizers, SPB Wallet is the best reallife password keeper, it has a desktop/mobile versions that you can sync between, the online library keep growing to have more and more cards.

Media Player Classic

The media player that replaces Windows media player for Video files, it is light and strong, enjoy it ans this is one of my first installed apps when I get new pc


The best app to convert anything into PDF, it will install a new printer called PrimoPDF, printing anything to it will ask you for the pdf file name and location


The free Anti-Virus that I am still using it since 2000

MySQL browser

The tool that gives you access to MySQL db easily, smoothly and quickly
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