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Recommended Windows applications, with or without installations, most of them are free small tools


Screenshot app, quick, simple and completely free


The application for translating WordPress themes, I needed that since I do not want to be limited with themes that are already translated, besides, I have a lot of sites that will be using Arabic language.


A quick need I have for my personal laptop landed me into this amazing tool, it is the one that can be used in Win7, Win8 supporting all disk formats

Johns background switcher

Was looking for a small simple application to change my background on regular basis, Bings Desktop was a great for a while, but then I needed more, here is the one that I would recommend to anyone wanting this, enjoy
Also unhealthy for most cash advance take home each month.

Free Video rotate

If you have some family or friends that use you as you computer go-to guy, you will need to show them this, a free video flip and rotate app, that is actually free, ad free, spam free

Generate Random passwords or strings

Click here to get 1 string of 24 random chars now.
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