This is not an html plugin, it is a VB/VBA function (with VB6 form format) that has no preview, to see it working, you need to add it to your VBA project

If you don't have an idea of what is it, then this is not for you

Date Control in VB6/VBA with no outside resources, a complete bare VB form that is smart enough allowing user to pick a date, yep a datepicker for Excel that can run in any Excel version
How to setup:
1- Insert the frm file into Project Explorer
2- Call it using the below example:

Sub DateControl()
' This sub will inster the date selected by user into the Active cell
Load C_Form
C_Form.Caption = "Pop Calendar v6"
C_Form.HelpLabel.Caption = "Select Start date from"
If C_Form.Tag > "" Then ActiveCell.Value = C_Form.Tag
Unload C_Form
End Sub