This is not an html plugin, it is a VB/VBA function (with VB6 form format) that has no preview, to see it working, you need to add it to your VBA project

If you don't have an idea of what is it, then this is not for you

' Most of times, user just double click a file inside an email message or a zip file
' Windows then extract that file from the email or zip file into a temporary location
' Usually that folder is: C:\Users\{{USERNAME}}\AppData\Local\Temp in Win Vista and 7
' Then open the file from there, that is when some problems are showing if the developer do not expect that
' Below is the simple function that determine if the file is running from Temp folder or from where it should be
Function RunFromTemp() as boolean
' Check if an Excel file is running from 'Temp' location or regular folder
' And shows an error message if it is...
mypath = ThisWorkbook.path
If InStr(1, mypath, "\AppData\Local\Temp\", vbTextCompare) > 0 Then
' Can not run file from temp location
' Please save the file first into a proper location, then run it from there
' You can remark lines below to disable the warning message box
msgbox "You cannot run this macro from a temp location." & vbcrlf & _
"This message shown because you are running the file from an email letter, or from a " & _
"zip file that use a temporary location." & vbcrlf & vbcrlf & _
"Please save the file first in a regular location and run it from there." & vbcrlf & "Thanks"
End If
End function