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Excel-VBA-Application (aka macros)

You need to push it a little bit more? here is the answer. Fully customizable Excel-VBA systems (Excel file with macros that run like a charm) to do anything you want like:
- Perform multiple searches to a list of items from a website and get the results in a spreadsheet format with links to each result page. Sample project (AmazonISBN).
- Read from website-generated-CSV file to generate data entry files and post them on shared folder, then after getting files back with users entry, read all these data entry files into main DB with error fixing, and checking, then generate list of Dashboard reports for managers. (AnRuch) as sample project
- Reading specially formatted Excel file (allowing user to change these formats) into DB and create several reports to analyze compensation survey data and compare it agains certain company data with full customized patterns and schemas. Sample project (ImpAN)
- Multi-language multi-user Excel file (each with his own password) to manage and create reports from MySQL DB?
- Or may be just a custom User-Defined-Function that does the translation to certain words using your own dictionary from another sheet

It is all here.