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These are my answers to questions in Yahoo! Answers, I started answering them on March 2006 using the (XLMan) name, then after two years (August 2008) that ID was removed by Yahoo!, it was when I relized that these people cannot be trusted, so I decided to archive my answers in an Excel file, it was then I started VBAXLMan on December 2008 to keep up the part of me that loves to answer questions and learn from them too.

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Feb 6

Copy pictures from sheet to another

i have two workbooks, lets say, workbook A and Library Workbook
Workbook A is where all the code has been going, Library has no code in it. My project in Workbook A needs to look up and pull a worksheet out of Library Workbook - just a direct copy. Simple enough in general, only one problem. Most of the sheets in Library Workbook have images embedded in them that dont get copied when doing a direct Workbooks(Library)Cells.Copy
i can get all of the formatting, column widths, and values/formulas, but not the images
now, there is one thing i havent tried that I think will work, but it has drawbacks...i could copy the entire sheet, not just the cells, but the sheet itself and put it in Workbook A. I think that this would work in theory, but Im reluctant to try it for one reason
I have embedded sheet code in Workbook A in the sheet that I want to be the destination for the copied library contents. The sheet code is event-based, and Id like it to stay in the code. So I was trying to paste the library contents into this sheet to retain the sheet code, where if I paste the entire sheet directly from the library, I dont get to keep the sheet code, because the library, by definition, is supposed to be (vba free)

so...Ive been chasing two different possible solutions, neither one with much luck yet.
(1) Learn how to copy cells from a worksheet with the images included
i know you can use vba to copy images, but the sheets have varying numbers of images, so theres no good way to programatically handle all sheets
shapes(1).copy, ...
might be more than one image


you still can use shapes.count and start a loop, did you tried that?
however, there might be a downside, when you copy and paste, they will all be over each other, but you can override it by using:
Sheet1.shapes(x).left = Sheet2.shapes(x).left
sheet1.shapes(x).top = sheet2.shapes(x).top
assuming copying shape from Sheet2 to Sheet1
does that make sense?

Monday 2/6/2012
Jan 14

Showing Arabic numeric in Word app

I have a question man, how can I change the numbers in Microsoft word 2010 from English to Arabic or I should say from Arabic to Latin? Thanks


I guess you meant from Arabic to Hindi, right?
here is the link to that in Word 2010

In Word 2007

And in Word 2003

Saturday 1/14/2012
Jan 13

Opinion: memorizing maps?

I was just wondering if anyone else thought that memorizing maps (of countries) is completely useless.
In these times, if you wanted to study a riegon of the world, all you have to do is LOOK at maps...memorizing them seems un-necessary...because when would you ever not have access to a map?
I have noticed this too often in my school. Whenever the classes have map tests.....everyone would freak and put all their short term memory to the test. you see them the next week (or even day) and they don't remember a thing about the map. Just the whole idea of it seems stupid.
I would like anyone's ideas. If you don't agree with me, why do you think it's important to memorize maps?


So when some one told you "I am from Uganda", you are like, "hold on, let me see my MAP!".
I seam to understand the reason especially In this country of multi-culture.
The world is getting smaller and smaller (I mean the technology jumps for the last 2 decades) and therefore people are getting closer and closer to each other.
That when these maps are important, this is at least my opinion.

Also: besides the fact that people are depending more and more on machines now, there should be plenty of space to memorize other facts, don't you agree?

Friday 1/13/2012 5:15:36 AM
Dec 12

3 questions in microsoft excel! please help me!?

If you want to change a setting that applies to Excel as a whole, such as R1C1 referencing style or showing the Formula Bar in the program window, what are your first steps?
Choose one answer. A. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and point to Prepare
B. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and click Excel Options
C. Use the commands in the Editing group on the Home tab
D. Use the commands in the Modify group on the Developer tab

Which of the following would allow you to insert a new column in an existing spreadsheet?
Choose one answer. A. Click in the column where you want to insert; then in the Cells group on the Home tab, click the arrow on Insert. Select Insert Sheet Columns.
B. With any cell in the worksheet selected (active), select the Insert option in the Cells group on the Home tab.
C. Click in the column where you want to insert; then in the Table group on the Insert tab, click the Table command.
D. Right click in the column where you want to insert; select Insert and then Shift Cells Right.

How do you adjust the column width to fit the information typed in the cells in that column?
Choose one answer. A. From Home tab, Cells group, click arrow on Format. Then select AutoFit Columns Width
B. From the Insert tab, click the Column command and choose the desired column style
C. From the Page Layout tab, click the Width menu and select the desired width
D. Right click on the column label, select Format cells and select the desired width


Q1 B
Q2 A
Q3 A

Monday 12/12/2011 1:15:48 AM
Dec 11

How to convert to Excel formula?

Please help, im not sure about this Excel formula.
I need to enter the following equation into the formula/function bar in Microsoft Excel but not sure if its completely right .

V = 0.000045 + 1/4p0.09^2[0.15+0.035-(0.035cos180+v( 0.15^2-0.035^2sin^2*180))]

I think i got most of it right, but dont know how to do the Pi, Cos, Sin or the square root.


Pi is PI() in excel

So od this
... 1/4*PI()*0.09^2 ...

Sunday 12/11/2011 8:14:43 PM
Dec 7

How can I combine two cells into one with Enter between them?

I have cell A1 with name, B1 with Address, I want C1 to have NAme from A1 in one line, then the Address from B1 in line below, I don't want to go all over my 13000 cells to do that manually


That is very good question, here is what you need to do:
In C1, paste this:
= A1&CHAR( 10)&B1

You might need to select "Wrap Text" to show that

The CHAR(10) is what is called the Enter inside the cell.

Wednesday 12/7/2011 10:50:00 AM
Dec 5

Why won't Yahoo won't export contacts to .csv file?

I'm trying to create a csv file with all of my yahoo contacts. I hit the "export all" the file for a yahoo.csv, screen shows a file downloads but no contact data is included in the excel file. Its just an empty excel file that includes first name, last name, address, email etc...but none of the contacts' data is included?
What am I doing wrong?


Could be a prblem in that file format
Try open it in Notepad

Also, try add some more contacts then export again

Did you try another format?

Monday 12/5/2011 3:06:03 PM
Nov 22

Im trying to repair my excel and word starter 2010?

When i go to programs they aren't on the list although the icon is right there on the desktop, how can i get them on the list?


You need to use the installation CD, to re install Office Starter, or use another option called "Repair"

Otherwise, you may need to re install the whole system (Windows and everything) if Office starter came with Laptop itself

Tuesday 11/22/2011 9:30:21 PM
Nov 22

What is the best simple address book application?

I am looking for a simple Windows based "address book" application. Just a simple application that lets me input people's names, addresses, and phone numbers and lets me search and print out the book on 8 x 11 paper. It doesn't even have to be freeware. Please don't suggest Excel or Word or any other word processor/spreadsheet...also, don't suggest Outlook. I want a.simple stand alone application


Try this one, it looks promising…


Tuesday 11/22/2011 9:17:50 PM
Nov 21

How do i get the total of one column based off of another column in microsoft excel 2010?

I do not want to "add" the numbers. Basically i have one column of numbers lets call it column (B) and another column (C) with one character it might be an "x" and it might be a "1" anyway. I need a formula that will tell me the total number of info in column B if there is a character in column C. Is this enough info to get help?


Yes sure
Paste this in cell in column D

=SUMIF(B:B, C:C, "X")

This one will get the total of column B, if its equivalent cell in column C is "X"

You can change "X" to be "1", or 2 , etc

Let me know

Monday 11/21/2011 5:58:10 PM