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Israa - Baghdad

Apr 26
First of all I would like to thank you for making me continue taking that class through challenging my intelligence level and my desire to learn.
You tried to test your students by showing Excel`s capabilities and it is a good way to know how much students are willing to learn, knowing student`s intelligence level and how they are able to comprehend and understand the instructional material.
But I think it is a weak point in your teaching method, because if someone wants to learn a new subject, he is going to think it is difficult and strange and he will not be able to understand it easily and that`s why he would like to take the related class.
Therefore, do not make things look difficult and don`t make students feel the difficulty of the subject, because it is considered the first day which is used to go through the easy stuff about the software.
Some students do not know your strategy that is to know more about their ability, so please try to change this strategy, and that is the first weak point.
The second weak point that you should try to put schedule to explain the main and basic functions of the software and then you cover them in deep. And try to make your explanation easy and sequential, so your students can follow it up.
That`s my opinion about the class overall.
Regarding you, the computer science is very wide and changeable science, and you have the ability to keep up with that progress. So do not just focus on single software but try to develop new skills and try to discover new horizons that would help you to move forward.

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