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2 Q & A posts found in July

Jul 17

My rogers goes through Internet explorer I do not want it to go that way I want the rogers browser?

Can you tell me how to change to the rogers browser?


go to Control Panel > Add or remove programs > Set program access and defaults
and change the Internet browser to what you want

note: you must have rogers browser installed before you do that


Monday 7/17/2006 3:53:30 PM
Jul 16

How do i connect my phone to my pc using bluetooth?

I have a nokia 6111[with bluetooth, which i activated] and i have downloaded the nokia pc suite, but when i try to connect the phone to my pc[compaq armada m 700] it doesn't work. It says something about drivers etc. , but it doesn't specifay what. What should i download? I mean exactly, and from where ? Please, somebody!!!


If you are sure that you have a bluetooth device on your armada, you need to download the driver for it, go to and download any bluetooth driver you found there on your computer section and run it, then, you should see "My bluetooth places" in My computer means that your driver is ok.
then, enable your bluetooth, by Fn plus a key in your computer, and here you go.

good luck

Sunday 7/16/2006 5:02:25 AM