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Apr 29

What a shame

Wednesday Apr, 29, 2009 0:0
Apr 26
Apr 21

Matrix VS Windows

If Matrix run on Windows Read more >>>

Tuesday Apr, 21, 2009 0:0
Apr 20

Software cannot live without

Here is a list of software I can not live without:

  • Microsoft Excel, Purchase, Spreadsheet
  • Microsoft Outlook, Purchase
  • AVG Anti-Virus, Free
  • Avast Anti-Virus, Another free AntiVirus that will enjoy it on your desktop
  • TrueCrype, Free the best free encryption application out there
  • CONVAR Free Data Recovery, Recover your files for free
  • KeePass, free password list to save your list of passwords
  • nero, Purchase or comes free with some burners
  • NetNanny, Purchase, Family filter application that worth every penny.
  • Norton Ghost, Purchase, Image cloning, powerful, easy
  • MagicISO, Trial, ISO creator, editor, you can do 135 CD with no need of purchase.
  • 7Zip, Free, Easy Compressor that open every archive
  • Google Chrome, Free, wao, that is a quick browser
  • Mozilla FireFox, Free, Powerful browser
  • MySQL Query Browser, Free, MySQL Browser to do everything you need on your daily MySQL stuff
  • Filezilla, Free, FTP Client, I cannot believe it is free
  • PrimoPDF , Free, PDF Printer
  • Ant, Free web movies downloader, to download any movie shown on the webpage.
  • Gimp, Free, who needs PhotoShop?
  • Macromedia Captivate 2, Purchase, and not Adobe Captivate
  • Read more >>>

    Monday Apr, 20, 2009 0:0
    Apr 19

    Sami Yusuf and his best song

    I love Sami Yusuf, He just keeps amaizing me with his performance time after time, this one is the most recent one that I keep listen to it everyday for about 10 times at least

    Sunday Apr, 19, 2009 0:0
    Apr 19

    I have a dream

    The best one who did this song

    Sunday Apr, 19, 2009 0:0
    Apr 18

    Tears go down when I see this, everytime

    Why do my tears run fast when I see this trailer?

    Read more >>>

    Saturday Apr, 18, 2009 0:0
    Apr 13

    New banner logo for

    New banner logo I have edit the old one after few days to show what is exactly what I want Thanks to GIMP2, It is now great...!

    Monday Apr, 13, 2009 0:0