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Nov 29

Website Pointer

I had to learn this technique, linking two domains to one actual site, not redirecting.

And after few searching, I got it and finally linked to

That was joyful and promising, now I just need to remember how to do it to link and to after it is ready to be used.

I might also revisit that procedure and generate screenshot for it, sounds a very good idea now.

Tuesday Nov, 29, 2011 14:25
Nov 28

And now for the second time, I bought another host with the same company. It is all thanksgiving blank friday's fault, the discount was too much that I couldn't resist it, especially when they include renewal price with it.
This time I got the domain (or as I call it ANmarus) and we yesterday bought another domain preparing it for the new diary site (or journal), the idea was Afnan's and the domain name was manely from Shukran's name.

Let us hope that we all keep the energy up regarding this project

Monday Nov, 28, 2011 0:0
Nov 26

My own HTTP server on Win7 ... finally

After few days of trying and failing, I managed tonight to have access to my own server, it is actually a folder on my own laptop that I can access using an IP address+Port.

It was indeed one of my oldest dreams, to get my own server, I don't have one yet, but I know how to do one, I was lost among the IPs, ISPs, DNSs, and stuff like that until made it.

The trick was that my ISP was blocking the port 80, so I have to add another port to my Firewall, then add a port forward in my router firewall (Since I am behind a router) to have access to it.

Check my free subdomain linked to my ip here Read more >>>

Saturday Nov, 26, 2011 0:0
Nov 20

Adding testimonials

After few days of ideas and thoughts, I added my all testimonials to my site ( with a small slider at home screen, still need to add the "Testimonials" page, which will be in few days.

Sunday Nov, 20, 2011 0:0
Nov 17

2 Yahoo! Answers profiles

My old profile used in Yahoo! Answers was removed because what it looks like, I didn't follow some rules, but I managed to read most of my answers there, in addition, this is my profile screenshot:

And this is my new one (VBAXLMan) as of few days ago:

Back to Yahoo!Answers

Going back to Yahoo! Answers, I almost forgot why I left that piece of me there, using the same name VBAXLMan, I start answerring questions.
In the same time, I started adding all of my old answers (The ones I stored in "MyYahooAnswers.xls" file) into my website. Read more >>>

Monday Nov, 14, 2011 0:0
Nov 11

You can only like this art

Being a father of a fashion addict girl, I could not resist the urge to like this picture, liked the concept, the idea of merging a girl addict thing to a guy addict thing into one piece of art.

Friday Nov, 11, 2011 0:0
Nov 7

Add event to Google Calendar with an email message

It has been a while since I start using Google Calendar (Since I got my Android phone), after few months of successful update and syncing between Google calendar and Outlook, I needed a quick way to add events to my Google calendar (Once added to Google, an app will sync it with my Outlook calendar).

This one will do that, an email address made specific for your calendar to add events to it. Read more >>>

Monday Nov, 7, 2011 0:0
Nov 4

Faalih AbdelJabbaar = Ali AlWardi

I need to agree on everything this guy says. It is very clear that he has a full knowledge of what is going on in Iraqi's people minds Edaat interview for Faalih AbdelJabbar (in Arabic) Read more >>>

Friday Nov, 4, 2011 0:0