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12 Blog posts found in January

Jan 29

Cactus book - second edition

Been busy these days with my dad, working on his second edition cactus book.

My father (Adnan) wrote a book on 1982 about Cactus, his passion, it was the first Arabic book about Cactus in Middle East.
And it looks like it is the only until now, I mean the only Arabic book about Cactus until 2012, based on his claims. Read more >>>

Sunday Jan, 29, 2012 0:0
Jan 28

Afnan's school - No Place for Hate

Afnan's school is on TV with Afnan's class

Saturday Jan, 28, 2012 0:0
Jan 26

I3 position termination

After 4 years of working in Austin, TX, and 2 years in Baghdad, Iraq.
Ideal Innovations Inc. has terminated my position.
I started on Jan 1st 2006 back in Baghdad, Iraq with I3 and has been learned a lot about career and jobs within American culture.
It has been an honor working with all these fantastic staff, even if I have to admit that this is not my best position, but it was indeed my first one that showed me the light on dark spots in my career life.
Good by I3 and hope I can server you better in future. Read more >>>

Thursday Jan, 26, 2012 0:0
Jan 26

My Old Games lib

I just love these games, old but interesting and joyful

Thursday Jan, 26, 2012 0:0
Jan 25

Faster SQL

After few months of working in (also I notice that the home page is kind of slow.
So I give it a thought and decided to go a head and update my SQL commands in the home page only to be faster.
Basically what I did was combining all home page SQL commands into one (actually two) instead of the way it was executing (was executing around 15 SQL commands).
Read more >>>

Wednesday Jan, 25, 2012 0:0
Jan 22

XL f(x)s in Wordpress

I have to do it. And I did.
After few years of pushing the CMS away from me, I finally joined it.
Created the website XL f(x)s (I already had the domain for a while now) using WordPress, and did some updation.

No knowledge is bad, so learning WordPress, even late, is good, also after all these months of experiences of HTML and CSS, the WordPress does make sense.

Sunday Jan, 22, 2012 0:0
Jan 21

Scarry, but fact

Saturday Jan, 21, 2012 0:0
Jan 20

My site statistics

Up to now, I have on my website:

Thought it is nice to have all these statistics in one post for future reference.

Friday Jan, 20, 2012 0:0
Jan 18

Love my Highlander

I have to write about my Highlander Hybrid 2006, I really enjoy the technology. It is not that much less use as expected (Gives me now 24.7 MPG) in total average.

However, I like that it turns itself off on traffic lights, or when I wait for something.
I also enjoy driving in low speeds with no gas usage, really joyful. Read more >>>

Wednesday Jan, 18, 2012 0:0
Jan 12

Very funny ad, watch to the end

This is the ad that I would lough on for a while

Thursday Jan, 12, 2012 0:0
Jan 10

New design for my business cards

It has been a while since I created new business card, it looks like I wanted to use the ones I already have here, anyways, I created new one here.

I always wanted a business card that looks exactly like an Excel screen, simple yet nice and creative

Tuesday Jan, 10, 2012 0:0
Jan 9

NirSoft a new set of helpful small utilities

I just love these tiny applications, I always loved them, they are so powerful and in the same time small and quick.
They are focusing on one thing and they do it very well. Today, I found one of these websites made by a developer to list all his applications (small utilities), his name is Nir Sofer and he was online for a while now, good job and I will keep an eye on you Nir. Read more >>>

Monday Jan, 9, 2012 0:0