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6 Blog posts found in October

Oct 29

7 phone calls for 2 Excel/VBA positions

I knew I will reach this point someday, I just got 7 phone calls about 2 positions, they are the same 2 positions and 7 people called me about them, yes, I am bragging.
Chicago turned to be a very good place for my career, it is cold here, but the job market here within my experties is just fantastic Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 29, 2012 0:0
Oct 9

My desktop screen

It has been a while since last time I posted my screen, here they are two of them

Tuesday Oct, 9, 2012 0:0
Oct 6

My new name: Moheddin VS Addeen VS Amdeen

I am going to change my name, it is a chance I am having now after 5 years of living in the states.

We were thinking of this a lot, a lot of new names came into surface, and everytime I search for the domain before I go with it.

Since was not available, niether, I thought would be good for us, until today my father called me to suggest ... Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 6, 2012 0:0
Oct 6

Active on LinkedIn

Last week of LinkedIn activity paid off, 15 people checked out my profile during last week, I have to admit though that not all of them are welcome.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 6, 2012 0:0
Oct 4

New certificates wave

After suttling down in North Chicago area for few months now, I am thinking of getting back to one old hobby I used to develop two years ago.

It is hunting certificates, Microsoft Office Specialist Certificates. Read more >>>

Thursday Oct, 4, 2012 0:0
Oct 2

Send me a gift

Now you may send me a gift, I just started a project that I need some fund to do it, if you would like to send me a gift, please use the link below.

It is a BestBuy card, and I would love if you can contribute to it toward my project.

Thanks in advance

Tuesday Oct, 2, 2012 0:0