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5 Blog posts found in March

Mar 25

Excel VBA 2011 for Mac

This is the first project I got to work in Excel 2011 for Mac.
I knew I had to do something there somewhen, and here it is.
The project called "Macrijan" and it is for "Intillijury", I need to either buy a Mac with Excel2011 or Install Mac as Virtual machine.
I already learned some new stuff regarding the path and hard drive names, and need to update my functions I had for few years now (mostly FixPath, GetPapa and GetSon).
However, I still got a lot to learn, this link can help in that Mac

It is going to take a while, but I am up to the challange.

Sunday Mar, 25, 2012 0:0
Mar 19

Craigslist notification on your WinPhone 7

After I changed my phone from Android to Windows 7 (From Samsung Epic 4G to HTC Arrive) early March, I had several challanges.
One of them was to find the alternative application for CragisNotifica that works for Windows Phone 7.
IT took me a while after trying several ones and bought others, the alternative is here .... Read more >>>

Monday Mar, 19, 2012 0:0
Mar 16

My VBA function lib online

I started these days uploading my own VBA function lib to my website.
You can find them by search for VBA function
These are the actual tools that I am using in my daily VBA programming in Excel (and sometimes in Classic ASP). Let me know if you have any question regarding any of those.

Friday Mar, 16, 2012 0:0
Mar 13

1st own Server

I did it, I have now my own server, that is online, expandable to multiple sites, fast, and linked to certain IP.
IT took me around two months (actually around 36 hours) of trial and error attempts to work around the limitation of my ISP along with some resources online. Read more >>>

Tuesday Mar, 13, 2012 0:0
Mar 11

Car crash neerby

Just when we were sitting around 9PM, we heard some crash noise, it turns that we had a car crashing in neerby street, it was a BMW that hit a tree and the whole body of the car looks like it is holding the tree, the poor guy was died on scene. The scary part is that a BMW is not as secure as I thought they were.
Full Story on kxan.

Sunday Mar, 11, 2012 0:0