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3 Blog posts found in August

Aug 31

4th daughter

Around 1PM, my 4th daughter (Adyan) was born in St. Alexius Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, IL, almost 9 pounds.
And life is not going to be the same, the name (Adyan) that I chose is very nice, simple and refere to the meaning of what I believe, it means (Religions). Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 31, 2012 0:0
Aug 29

Pagination in Excel 2003 when showing more than 65,536 rows

I have been busy these days in a very interesting concept. The system we are building is limited to Excel2003 only, and cannot be moved (yet) to Excel2007 or later.
That have been said, we have a lot of reports that pull data from Oracle database using SQL query that may (or may not) exceed the limitation in Excel2003 of 65,536 rows. So the approach followed was to add some piece of code that makes it fit. Read more >>>

Wednesday Aug, 29, 2012 0:0
Aug 20

Long time no see

It has been almost two months since my site stop functionning correctly
Here are the details
I landed on new job position in Chicago, IL on May 9th, that have to take a trip to IL by May 6th.
That will result in me trying to keep both positions (EA and this new one), so after cehcking it looks like I can do that. Read more >>>

Monday Aug, 20, 2012 0:0