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2 Blog posts found in year 2014

Dec 20

Hacking attempts on ANmars

The second hacking attempt on one of my websites, maybe this time it is related to the latest news and/or Islamophobia, in away that the attackers thought that I am somehow against islam, or have islamophobia, antways, they were able to upload files to my ftb somehow, putting php files allowing them to upload more files, the funny thing is that I already turned off php on my website, and me finding about it was complete coincidence.

This is what is supposed to be displayed in my website instead of the main screen

Saturday Dec, 20, 2014 0:0
Sep 21

Alwah, my beloved

It has been few months, and all my attempts to bring back Alwah were a complete fail
I admit, I am not spending as much time as I intended, but I was not planning this, and it is bugging me with nightmares. I have to fix it, I need to fix, it is such a lose.

Sunday Sep, 21, 2014 7:33