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Jun 13

Numbers to Arabic (online free ervice)

This is the online version of SpellNumber that is directed to Arabic speakers
As some of you might already know, I did the SpellNumber back in 2007 even though I added to my website in 2012.

Now we can have the similar but as online version.

This is the actual function Num2Ar Read more >>>

Monday Jun, 13, 2016 11:38
Jun 13

My new business cards

After seeing the re-action to my old business card

I thought it is time to push it a little further and we fix some issues with the old one.
So here is the new one that am going to use once it arrive :-)

More LinkedIn

I am targeting more posts to put on LinkedIn
Seeing the reaction I am getting from posting in LinkedIn, I am going to put more and more posts on LinkedIn, then post it here too This way I can drive people to my website, and at the same get some exposure.

the thing is that I need to spend more time in cleaning and creating the image for that post, it is not just writing :-)

Monday Jun, 13, 2016 10:29
Jun 13

Alwah again?

Looks like we are back to Alwah
I am getting some time now to get back to, it has been few years since I stopped that website and lost all these clients, not a good start.

However, I am back now and this time is not going to be stupid as last time

Monday Jun, 13, 2016 10:27