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Aug 20

Long time no see

It has been almost two months since my site stop functionning correctly
Here are the details
I landed on new job position in Chicago, IL on May 9th, that have to take a trip to IL by May 6th.
That will result in me trying to keep both positions (EA and this new one), so after cehcking it looks like I can do that. Read more >>>

Monday Aug, 20, 2012 0:0
May 2

Austin fastest growing in US

Austin is the fastest growing city in US in 2011

After being the best city in US for tech jobs, it is now the fastest growing city in US.
It is going to be hard to relocate to another city.

Wednesday May, 2, 2012 0:0
Apr 6

Adding PHP+Wordpress on 1st Server

After few days of setting it up, I now have Microsoft SQL database along with MySQL database and PHP.
I needed also to install Wordpress, which I installed few hours ago.
I have these sites now on my own server:

These are the first three sites, in preparing to move in completely to host my own sites on my own server.

Friday Apr, 6, 2012 0:0
Apr 2

1st Own Server database

After few hours of digging and playing, I managed to run the SQL server 2008 on my 1st Server.
Now I am ready to go, Online server with SQL database that support Arabic and ready to go.
I might just tweak the speed a little bit. Go on ANmar, the road is plain in front of you

Monday Apr, 2, 2012 0:0
Mar 11

Car crash neerby

Just when we were sitting around 9PM, we heard some crash noise, it turns that we had a car crashing in neerby street, it was a BMW that hit a tree and the whole body of the car looks like it is holding the tree, the poor guy was died on scene. The scary part is that a BMW is not as secure as I thought they were.
Full Story on kxan.

Sunday Mar, 11, 2012 0:0
Feb 28

My Night Owl eats my Early Bird every morning

It is as always had been. I am struggelling to stay on track for few days as (Early bird).
I keep switch to (Night owl) after few days.

And when I try to switch back, I face the owl again
The battle goes on again.

Tuesday Feb, 28, 2012 0:0
Feb 21

AVID class 2011 Murchison Middle School

2011 AVID Video Contest: Murchison Middle School from David Scott Faris on Vimeo.

Ms. Wilson's 8th grade students explain the structure and importance of the Murchison Middle School AVID curriculum.

Read more >>>

Tuesday Feb, 21, 2012 0:0
Jan 28

Afnan's school - No Place for Hate

Afnan's school is on TV with Afnan's class

Saturday Jan, 28, 2012 0:0
Jan 26

I3 position termination

After 4 years of working in Austin, TX, and 2 years in Baghdad, Iraq.
Ideal Innovations Inc. has terminated my position.
I started on Jan 1st 2006 back in Baghdad, Iraq with I3 and has been learned a lot about career and jobs within American culture.
It has been an honor working with all these fantastic staff, even if I have to admit that this is not my best position, but it was indeed my first one that showed me the light on dark spots in my career life.
Good by I3 and hope I can server you better in future. Read more >>>

Thursday Jan, 26, 2012 0:0
Jan 18

Love my Highlander

I have to write about my Highlander Hybrid 2006, I really enjoy the technology. It is not that much less use as expected (Gives me now 24.7 MPG) in total average.

However, I like that it turns itself off on traffic lights, or when I wait for something.
I also enjoy driving in low speeds with no gas usage, really joyful. Read more >>>

Wednesday Jan, 18, 2012 0:0
Oct 25

Goodbye Boogi and Tomtom

One of pictures we got for them together

Now Tomtom just died few days ago and we have to let Boogi go. We really enjoied you guys and hope that you don't hate us very much Read more >>>

Tuesday Oct, 25, 2011 0:0
Oct 23

Azher Mehdi

Azher Mehdi, one of my old friends from Baghdad, we were together , me, my brother Ghassan, Anees my cousin and Azher hanging around and reading books from my father's big book library.
Anees was the one that has most passion for books, especially Islamic ones and that was the reason that Saddam and his guys killed him. Read more >>>

Sunday Oct, 23, 2011 0:0
Oct 4

Facebook after a while

My middle girl joined fb yesterday, now she got 167 friends Read more >>>

Tuesday Oct, 4, 2011 0:0
Oct 3

Quick response

During a visit to the doctor, the nurse was trying to get my blood pressure and the meter slipped when she was trying to clip it on my finger, that is when I felt that it will fall and quickly moved my hand to hold it.
At that minute, the nurse was saying "Waao! you have a quick response.!!!"

I spent the few minutes after that remembering the few "Quick" responses I had, and here are some of them:

- Once when I was in High school in Baghdad around 1992. Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 3, 2011 0:0
Aug 1

Regular workday screehshot

As you can see, I was working with I3 and EA at that time, doing remote desktop using Remote Desktop Connection or TeamViewer was what made me able to do these two positions at the same time.

Monday Aug, 1, 2011 0:0
Apr 21

So Music capital of the world is also #1 in USA for tech jobs

You should see my smile when I red this this morning, going through the list of top 25 cities for tech jobs, passing Washington DC, Devner, Portland, NY and San Francisco, which I was pretty sure that it will be #1, no, passing all those and landed into Austin, TX Read more >>>

Thursday Apr, 21, 2011 0:0
Jan 19

Murchison Middle School concert Video

Amina, my oldest daughter is in this concert, they are all really doing well, and we enjoyed that concert

Wednesday Jan, 19, 2011 0:0
Oct 30

Back to my old love LEGO

It has been a while now, I am setting up my location to be back to my old love, LEGO.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 30, 2010 0:0
Sep 26

Moving ... updating

After few days of settling down, I can declare that I have moved to my first house here in Austin TX, it is kind of small but has enough space to fit us all. Read more >>>

Sunday Sep, 26, 2010 0:0
Aug 13

Ramadan, August in Austin

It is going to be tough, this Ramadan has arrived in August.

And we all know August in Austin, and how this will be tough, no water, no food from around 5AM to 8PM.

Read more >>>

Friday Aug, 13, 2010 0:0
Jul 11

My Family interviews

We just started a family interview, it is when we ask everybody what does he/she think about another member of the family.
The beautiful part is that each one sees the others with what he thinks they are

What does X think of Y?

X - Y: item1, item2, etc

Afnan - Afnan: hyper, weird, doesn't fancy computers.
Shukran - Afnan: book addicted, over reacts, sometimes nice, giving.
Amina - Afnan: Fast temper, want to rule the world, very dedicated.
Hawraa - Afnan: Crazy, angry, cannot control herself, helpful, love to learn, giving.

Read more >>>

Sunday Jul, 11, 2010 0:0
Jul 3

New place, new walls

We found it, it was in a good location, same Middle and High schools, and good Elementary school, so only one person need to change her school.

It had 4 bedrooms plus a study, close family environment, and isolated kitchen.

So without any hesitation we made the offer, and hope we got it, Inshaa' Allaah.

Read more >>>

Saturday Jul, 3, 2010 0:0
Jun 23

A minute that worth millions

This morning, the books I bought for my youngest have arrived.

It is a set of 7 books for Harry Potter and it was for her birthday yesterday.

Now the look in her eyes when I woke her up and show her the set was the most joyful minute in my life, seeing her happy with this set of books and couldn't believe that she got it finally is indeed a minute that worth millions.

Can you see the happy Dad here?

Wednesday Jun, 23, 2010 0:0
May 27

Amina' s First honor role

Now is Amina. she got a First Honor Role with IB certificate. I didn't have the time to go, my wife did and got some pictures.
That was in the morning, in Eavning, we did go to the concert for all grades in Murchison Middle school, also got some pix.

Will try to post these soon.

Thursday May, 27, 2010 0:0
May 26

Shukran' s Honor Certificate

Shukran, my middle daughter, just got a certificate as "Second Honor Role" few hours ago.

Ok, she got the certificate because she worked hard to get good grades, why I feel like I am the one who got it?
It is kind of parent proud moment, seeing that my daughter is getting honorred due to the atmospher we worked hard to make it for her, and the time and resources we spent to make her successful in her life.

Shukran was not doing well in class on 4th grade, also on 5th, she sufferred a bit because of her English, now she got that honor role,
It does mean a lot, to her as well as to me.

Wednesday May, 26, 2010 0:0
May 23

Another car to fix

Here we are again, I need to spend around $1,000 on my wife's car to do the A/C.

I kind of expected that, but not this soon. I need to replace the compressor, hoses and some other stuff. It is kind of everything.

Now my wife is driving in this summer without A/C.

Sunday May, 23, 2010 0:0
May 2

Refugees in Austin video

Check out this video about the life in US
I really liked what between the lines


Between the lines, I meant that US is the country that holds everyone between its arms.

No one is better than another.
Everybody is the same.
All religions is respected.
Just like our Islam !!

That is really impressive, guess who is on this video???

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]

Sunday May, 2, 2010 0:0
Apr 28

My beloved city

Austin ranked as no 10 in the list of The Best Places for Business and Careers in 2010

I was always thinking that I had a lot of chances elsewhere, may be larger city, NYC, DC, San Francisco.

But what kept me is that, I am still having some chances here.

There is a say: The bad that you know is better than a good that you don't know.


Check out the link here for the list

Wednesday Apr, 28, 2010 0:0
Jan 23

Got my Highlander

Just bought the TOYOTA Highlander

Read more >>>

Saturday Jan, 23, 2010 0:0
Mar 1

No GPS anymore

It happened to me now
My car door window was broken last night and my GPS was stolen.
I have been told not to put anything valuable in the car it looks like I was calling the thieves to steal it.
Read more >>>

Sunday Mar, 1, 2009 0:0
Feb 23

First time after 17 years

I am excited these days, My younger Uncle "Imad" will come to our city, I have been here in the United states for 18 months now and didn't see him
Read more >>>

Monday Feb, 23, 2009 0:0
Feb 20
Feb 18

First traffic ticket

Today also, when I was driving my daughter to her school to get the certificate, I got my first ticket

Read more >>>

Wednesday Feb, 18, 2009 0:0
Oct 8

The big move to Austin

Austin Business Journal had an article about my family coming here in Austin Here is the link
These were really exciting days, I finally reached my new Home (I used to say "I lost my home and found it")

Anyways These days are fill with hope and waiting, I can not wait to start my life here and let my kids to adjust and start doing their school


Read more >>>

Monday Oct, 8, 2007 0:0