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Nov 16

Can someone give me a way to boot a disc?

Okay, I don't have a F-key I can press at the startup of my computer to select boot options.

Can I boot the disc in a different way?
I don't want to install a program (*coughcoughbecauseicantcoughcough*)
I also have antivirus I can't change it's settings, and I can't choose to accept the threat. (Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection)

Please help! Really need to boot!!!


You can do one of the options:
1- Every computer have F-keys, sometimes they are actually combined with other keys, like my friends, he needs to press Fn + Shift + 1 to do the job of F1, you may have the same structure
2- If that didn't help, connect an external keyboard to the computer (may be a USB) and use its combinations
3- Otherwise, if you can go to BIOS settings, most computers allow you to select boot order from there.

I hope that helped

Wednesday 11/16/2011 7:27:59 AM