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Apr 26

Excel: is there a way to emulate the lower function without using lower()?

Excel: is there a way to emulate the lower function without using lower()??

note: it has to work for cells with 2 or more words


I think there is, but it is going to be too long and time consuming
If your cell is in A1, paste this in B1
=IF(CODE(MID( $A$1,COLUMN()-1,1))=32," ",CHAR( CODE(MID( $A$1,COLUMN( )-1,1))-32))

Then drag it to right to cover all letters of that text
After that, you can easily use CONCATENATE or the & symbol to assemble them into one cell text, like this

until you reach the end

good luck


Sunday 4/26/2009 3:23:34 AM
Dec 12

This is regarding Concatenate function in Excel:?

I am trying to concatenate a Currency value ( $ 233,456,389) with a

percentage ( 74 %) in Excel using this function :

=CONCATENATE("$ ", TRUNC(B313)," @ ",TRUNC(C314)," % ")

I would like to have it as $ 233,456,389 @ 74%

Instread I am getting $ 233456389 @ 74% (currency value without commas)

Can someone help me in getting the commas in the currency display ?


Add this to the TRUNC function
TEXT(B313 ,"###,###")
Means the TRUNC would be
TRUNC(TEXT( B313, "###,###"))
and your final function will be

=CONCATENATE("$ ", TRUNC(TEXT( B313, "###,###"))," @ ",TRUNC(C314)," % ")

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Tuesday 12/12/2006 11:03:16 PM