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Apr 13

Is it posible to change the colour of a cell by using functions in MS-Excel ?

By Using functions in Ms Excel can we change the colour in a cell.
for example: if A1=1 then RED colour, A2=2, Then YELLOW colour..


In Excel2003, go to
- Select the cell
- Format > Conditional formatting
- Enter the values and the format for each condition (maximum 3 conditions)
- Press Ok

In Excel2007
- Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight cells rules > More rules
- Select the values and the format for each
- You can do up to 256 conditions

Enjoy it


Monday 4/13/2009 3:04:36 AM
Apr 4

How to solve this problem with Excel conditional formatting?

I have a table on an Excel spreadsheet, which table contains only numbers. I want to color a "path" in this table using the following algorithm:

1) Make current the upper left cell and color it.

2) Examine the cell to the right of the current one and the cell beneath the current one. Make current the one that contains the smaller of the two numbers and color it. If the two numbers are equal, make current and color the cell beneath the current one.

3) Repeat 2) until the bottom or the right edge of the table is reached, whichever occurs first.

Can this be done using only the means of Excel's conditional formatting (i.e., no VBA) and how? That is, what formulas for conditional formatting to use?


Conditional formatting will "FORMAT" the cell and not change the cell content

To change cell content (or value) you will need a function

Based on your request, IF function would do the trick for you
Now, if your first cell is A1, then paste this into it
=IF( OR(A2="",B1=""),"", A2<B1, A1, IF( A2>B1, B1, A2))

Then fill cell A1 down

Now, Since the Conditional Formatting is to "FORMAT" cells, I don't see where you need it here

let me know


Saturday 4/4/2009 11:14:45 AM