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Apr 13

How to add Counter to an excel workbook?

How to add Counter to an excel workbook, such that we can track how many times the excel had been viewed. The countability can be tracked?


- Press ALT + F11 to open VB Editor
- Double click on the "Workbook" object in the Project Explorer window
- Paste this in the white code area
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets( "Sheet1").Range("A1") = val(Sheets( "Sheet1").Range("A1")) + 1
End Sub

- You need to make sure that your sheet is named "Sheet1", if not, just put the name of your sheet instead of Sheet1 in this line
Sheets( "Sheet1").Range("A1") = val(Sheets( "Sheet1").Range("A1")) + 1

Good luck


Monday 4/13/2009 7:45:11 AM