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Apr 23

Excel line between rows 264 and 265?

If you scroll in your all the way down in excel you will see a black line between does two rows. Is there any point to it?


That usually because you had data before (or Format cells) up to these rows and deleter them using Clear and not delete

To get rid of that, you should "DELETE" the rows (Right click and select "Delete")

This will also reduce the size of your file

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Thursday 4/23/2009 3:32:19 PM
Apr 5

How can i restore deleted excel files?

In my Server excel file missing then how can i restore that file


I faced similar issue a while ago and restored all my deleted files
There is an application called FinalData, it worth every penny

Just make sure that you didn't create / copy large files into that drive that had your files

Check it out here…


Sunday 4/5/2009 7:49:07 PM
Apr 7

How the process of retrieving data once it is deleted from computer works??


The deleting does not occur on the files body.
It wipes out the first letter of the file name only, then mark the file body as free (Does not empty it) to be used when needed.
That is why SOMETIMES we can Undelete, and SOMETIMES we can not.

And that is why you need a software to WIPE a file to ensure that you deleted it.

Friday 4/7/2006 4:56:37 AM