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Jan 19

Display date and time together in a cell when using a DatePicker?

Hi, I added a date picker add-in from the following url. into excel

Ensured that i make a column accept dates. and now when i click on that cell i do get an icon to enter the date.
My question is the output comes as only date "01-mar-09" if i want the time also to be there along with date(in the same cell), what do i have to do.
I tried changing format in DATE in cell formating but its not working.
anyway i can get this done


It is a "DatePicker" and not a timepicker
That was 1.
2. what time do you want to use if the user didn't select one?
3. You can do the following:
Do a validation in the next cell with the expected time (as hours or halves) then allow the user to select from it

The date usually uses the integer part on the number to refer to the date, time uses the decimal part

So if your date is Jan-19-2009 (means=39832) then the time of that would be 12:00 AM

So when you select a date in DatePicker, you are actually selecting the hour 12:00AM in the morning of that date

To add a time, you will need to do a validation or do some other macro code

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