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2 Q & A posts tagged with Epson

Apr 24

What is the best color laser printer so far?

good quality, good printing with real-colors. Value-for money type printer


I am using Epson laser color printer in the office (I don't remember the model).

But in Home use I prefer Canon, it is more officiant

Monday 4/24/2006 1:06:44 AM
Mar 28

Epson stylus cx4600 installation?

ok we had some probs with our comp and a virus wiped us out, i have lost the installation cd for my printer, is there a site i can go to, to download a driver for this specific printer/scanner? well actually the printer works just the scanner doesnt? i need a site to go to for the scanner... thanks!


Did you tried, don't tell me you didn't.
Ok If you already did and searched for this printer/scanner in the database. I think you still can search for it on one of the drivers' sites (like, Actually this is one of the biggest I have seen in Drivers database.

Good Luck

Tuesday 3/28/2006 5:34:14 PM