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2 Q & A posts tagged with Export

Dec 5

Why won't Yahoo won't export contacts to .csv file?

I'm trying to create a csv file with all of my yahoo contacts. I hit the "export all" the file for a yahoo.csv, screen shows a file downloads but no contact data is included in the excel file. Its just an empty excel file that includes first name, last name, address, email etc...but none of the contacts' data is included?
What am I doing wrong?


Could be a prblem in that file format
Try open it in Notepad

Also, try add some more contacts then export again

Did you try another format?

Monday 12/5/2011 3:06:03 PM
Apr 5

Export/Save from Oracle to Excel Spreadsheet?

Im not getting the option to save to excel.

When I press save for tsv the program stops responding then I oracle shuts down. I have checked the pop up blocker is off, enabled downloadds from IE and have also made sure the path is correct from IE - windows, Still cannot get the option to save as .xls

Many Thanks


If you can try to do export to CSV format, Excel will also be able to read that

Try it


Monday 4/5/2010 6:31:43 AM