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Apr 5

How can i restore deleted excel files?

In my Server excel file missing then how can i restore that file


I faced similar issue a while ago and restored all my deleted files
There is an application called FinalData, it worth every penny

Just make sure that you didn't create / copy large files into that drive that had your files

Check it out here…


Sunday 4/5/2009 7:49:07 PM
Apr 7

Free Softwarre to Restore my Notebook Hardisk?

Hello please help if u can
My Notebook was stolen and recently found by the Police Authorities - YES the system was ok but all the hard disk contents had been formatted.

Now - I do a lot of Database development on DBF which I had planned to convert to Alpha 5 - but the way it is now i do not know how to go about it considering the fact that all my data are locked up in the formatted hard Disk

Can anyone give me a software that will enable me unformat my hard disk? I have tried on the NET but all the ones i got could not handle 80GB on NTFS - and besides - they all asked for money

Please if u have a software that works - do me a kind favour and forward same to this email address - I will show my appreciation please

My email addresses are (1) and (2)

In addition - i am available on Yahoo Messenger for chat on firstjos - thanks a lot


Try to download FinalData2.
This one is powerfull, I used it myself to recover my 160GB NTFS partitions and files.

I will send you the key by mail if you want

Belive me it worth every penny.

Friday 4/7/2006 2:17:34 AM
Apr 7

Some very important videos & music clips got deleted from my hard disk shift+deleted how do i get them back???

i heard that we can get them back using the net.plz plz tell me some way to get them back coz they r very important.


There is a good software named FinalData2, I had your exact problem (I had 160 GB full of files and lost it in reformat, but this one bring all my files back).
Belive me it worth to try, You will need to buy it or get the crack from the crack sites (if you want), It is available in

Friday 4/7/2006 12:34:56 AM