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4 Blog posts tagged with Folder8

Jan 26

My Old Games lib

I just love these games, old but interesting and joyful

Thursday Jan, 26, 2012 0:0
Dec 27

Updates to Folder8

Some updates were made to Folder8 during recent few days.
After I received our family videos from Baghdad (with tons of old family photos)

I decided to share these videos with family. I have to admit I built Folder8 having that in mind. Read more >>>

Tuesday Dec, 27, 2011 0:0
Dec 20

Old family pix and videos

Just got the first bag of our old family photos with some videos.
When I say "Old" I mean 1980s and 1990s photos and videos.
I admit this is one of my wildest dreams, to get them digitize and archived, then share them with family and friends, each with its password to allow religious access.

The VHS videos are the challenging ones, several ones have already been converted into CDs, however, we still have a lot. Read more >>>

Tuesday Dec, 20, 2011 0:0
Oct 29

Folder8 is online is now online, I have this idea for a while now, could finaly save few days to implement it.
Folder8 is my vision on how sharing should be, user can create folder (of three types of folders) with no registration.

Read more >>>

Saturday Oct, 29, 2011 0:0