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Nov 13

Why does my computer freeze for a second when i try to play videos?

It's like it has to think about it for a second before it wants to play it. everything just stops, except the mouse. so i minimize and bring the window back and then it does it, but why does it do it in the first place? I just got my computer reformated or whatever recently because my windows crashed. could that be a reason?


That is a tough one
Could be the driver setup? (Since youjust reformated it)
Could be the video itself, by the way where is the video that you are playing?
If online (like youtube or others) try to change the browser (recommend Google Chrome)
If the video is local, then how big is that video file?

more details = answer more specific

Sunday 11/13/2011 10:27:53 PM
Apr 25

Free program to keep track of merchandise?

I want a free program that I will be able to keep track of how much of any particular item I have sold and how much money I have made from each item..Any such programs. I guess I could you excel but I really didn't want to..thanks


Here is a free one
It is kind of old, but it can do what you are expecting…


Saturday 4/25/2009 1:36:16 PM