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Nov 16

Beginner Programming Task Questions?

Hi all,

I have next to no programming knowledge but keen to learn.

My goal is to create a simple program ~ where it goes to a website, gets certain current information, puts it into MS excel and crunches some numbers for me (few further things i'd like after).

Assuming i'm starting with nothing what should I be looking at to make this happen? Programming language (im guessing C?+?) and what do i need to create a program using C+? anything else i need to know?

Many thanks.


Microsoft Excel itself has a programming language called (Visual Basic for Application) aka VBA or macros
I would suggest that you start with that
In addition you may need to learn some HTML top read website directly

That been said, there is a code that enables you to log in certain website and do whatever you need to do with it, like search, register, sign in, etc

Get it here as a start…
and here…

If you stuck somewhere you may always contact me, most of my help to others are free.

Wednesday 11/16/2011 9:21:06 AM
Apr 10

How can I transfer excel data into a webpage?

I have an excel spreadsheet, and I want to get it into my website.
Also, if I make any changes to the original excel file, it should be reflected upon the webpage as well.
Is there any code that can make that happen? Or any application that can do that for you?


I have a suggestion doing that easily
First create a new worksheet, having all the data you want as you want it in the webpage
Then just export that to HTML

In English, you have cells with values in some worksheet (say Sheet1)
Then create new sheet named (Sheet2)
Spend some time to change the layout of Sheet2, with all borders/format/colors/themes/ etc
Then use the cells you have to link to the original ones in Sheet1

Any time from now on you change Sheet1, Sheet2 will be updated, now you just need to save that worksheet as webpage and upload it into your server

If that doesn't make sense, reply me here to show you how to do it


Saturday 4/10/2010 7:45:00 PM
Apr 4

Can i print a webpage onto a saved word document?

Can i print a webpage onto a saved word document WITHOUT having to copy the webpage then open that word document and paste it?I have a letterhead i made in Word i have it saved and i want to print customers invoices from my website backoffice and it opens up the invoices as a webpage view of course and btw it is a HEADACHE to import to excel then quickbooks so im not taking that route so please let me know if there is anyway i can print a webpage onto a saved word document so i dont have 2 copy and paste every order otherwise i will have 2 go 2 Kinkos or staples and have 2 make 500 copies of the header then set my printer up so it always prints from a little below the header etc please help me save 50$bucks all the time for copying thanks!


After you save the webpage as HTML, depending on your browser (usually File > Save As)
Go to Word and open that file using File > Open

You can also try that in Excel
Or, in Excel, you can go to Data tab, and select "From Web"

Hope this will help


Sunday 4/4/2010 5:08:39 PM