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Apr 28

Is there a formula for a name count within the entire workbook of excel?

I am creating a workbook in excel with January - December Spreadsheets. I need to find out if there is a formula that I can use to count how many times a name is used through out the ENTIRE workbook, not just each sheet. Thanks in advance.


You have two options:
1- is use the COUNTIF with multiple-3 dimensions ref
In English, do this
=COUNTIF( January:December!A:IV, "name")
Just make sure that the sheets January to December are in the regular order.

2- Using INDORECT to retrieve the value for each sheet (In a new sheet), then total that
- Put sheet1 name in cell A2 in new sheet
- Paste this in B2
=COUNTIF( INDIRECT( A2&"!A:IV"), "Name")
- Put other sheet names below and fill B2 down
- Total the column B to get the total plus the number for each sheet

Let me know if all these makes sense or not (from my profile)


Wednesday 4/28/2010 12:53:03 PM