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Nov 16

How to protect MS Publisher 2003 file with password?

I want to protect my MS Publisher file with a password so that no one except me could open it. Pl answer to ques with steps.


You can always use any Zip app to compress it with password

or, create a protected drive using TrueCrypt that holds these files

Get a free zip app from
and TrueCrypt from

Wednesday 11/16/2011 9:09:44 AM
Nov 16

Recently uninstalled Winzip and I can't download stuff anymore?

Well I recently uninstalled Winzip because I whenever I downloaded something, it would show up as winzip and when I clicked on it, I needed to get the pro version of Winzip. I deleted it and now whenever I try download something it just shows up as if its an Internet Explorer file and then when I click on it in uncontrollably duplicates itself and keeps popping out so I have to manually reboot my computer. So how can I download stuff normally again. By the way I have a PC Windows Vista and I'm trying to download Paint.NET. Thank you.


You just need a program that register .zip files with
When you first installed WinZip, it overwrites the default registration of .zip (Which was with Windows extract app)
And after uninstall, the .zip files are not registered with any app

So installing a program that register .zip files with, will solve the problem

I would suggest installing 7z, it is a free and light, and does what WinZip does mostly

Wednesday 11/16/2011 7:26:45 AM
Nov 14

Is it possible to replace a char in a string of chars in java?

I want to replace a char in a string of chars by another char .Is it possible?if it is , how to do that? Thanks in advance


Here is how…


Monday 11/14/2011 2:33:15 AM
Nov 13

Whats a website where i cant get new themes for tumblr for free?

not just the background part of the theme but like but like a whole different layout of where things are placed is what im looking for.


These guys have a very good library of tumblr templates

Just do a search and browse through it

Sunday 11/13/2011 9:53:47 PM
Nov 13

How do I kick an Xbox 360 from my WiFi network remotely?

I'm trying to torrent and download here but my brothers are hogging all the bandwidth playing on Xbox Live! The Xbox 360 is connected wirelessly to the network so is there a way where I can quietly kick it off the network, secretly allocate all of the bandwidth to myself, or just control my home wireless network without them knowing?


Yes, sure
Most wireless routers enable you to control that using its IP (like
You should have that IP in the router manual
Once there, you can control who gets what
You can create password, refresh IP addresses, restrict access to only certain devices, etc

Sunday 11/13/2011 2:28:12 AM
Apr 8

I received one excel Sheet from my friend,in that sheet?

he mentioned DATE in one cell,when i select that cell the TIME also appear in FORMULA BAR.but i cannot see TIME in the cell.Pls explain how to make the setting.

And also how to type in cell superscript or Power with the numbers.

thanks & regrads


The cell content is not all the time what shown on the cell output
That is called format
Meanning that the cell may not show everything in it
You will need to change the format of the cell

To do that, you need to select that cell, press CTRL+1 and choose another format from the list
I would recommend to go to Custom and do this
yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm

To do Superscript or Subscript, you need to do almost the same

- Select the text you want to superscript (not the cell only, but the text inside that cell)
- CTRL+1
- Font
- Superscript or subscript

Enjoy it


Wednesday 4/8/2009 8:57:31 AM
Apr 1

Any software that will allow me to take notes about files on my computer?

In other words, I would like to open up my file explorer and write a note about a file that is shown in that window or tag the file. Is there any software out there like that?


All office files have this feature, Right click on any Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and select properties, You will see Custom and summery, in these two tabs you can type any thing you want, and in Explorer these info will be shown in the ToolTip and in the status bar.

For all other kinds of files, i belive this will be easy in the new Windows VISTA.

Saturday 4/1/2006 7:55:38 PM