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Nov 10

Is there a way to change the auto-assigned value of empty cells in excel?

In excel, empty cells are treated as though their numeric value was 0, and as though they had no text value.
I'm using a custom function that runs through a range of data (which contains 0 values) and gives me a result based on the range's findings.
Currently, there are no blank cells before the end the range. Therefore, I can use CountA(range) to tell my function how many times to iterate (i.e. to continue until it reaches the end of the range).
I wish to instead specify to the program that it must continue to the end of the range (another problem) and ignore blank spaces.
Rather than re-writing all of my functions to ignore these empty cells, is there an excel option that will allow me to force excel to treat empty cells as a value other than 0?


If I got you correctly you can use the formula
When you put it inside IF, you will will get if the cell is blank

CountA will not count blank cells either

let me know if that solves it or not

Thursday 11/10/2011 3:34:45 AM