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Apr 12

How do I find an 10 character alphanumeric string in a Excel spreadsheet cell with 70+ characters?

I need to find a 10 digit character string that is in a cell in Column G that has 70 plus characters. It can be located anywhere. The 10 character string will have these unique attributes:

* 10 characters long
* 1st two characters will be alpha (can upper or lower case)
* last 8 characters will be numeric

The following formula provided by this forum gives me a TRUE return if the this string is the only data in the cell, starting in position 1.

=AND(LEN(F2)=10, CODE(LEFT(F2,1))>64, CODE(MID(F2,2,1))>64, ISNUMBER(VALUE(RIGHT(F2,8))))

How can this formula be modified to:

1.) Allow me to find the string anywhere in the text
2.) Place the 10 digit string into Column H

Thank you.
Your assistance is appreciated.



I would do it if I only have the file

mail it to me so that I can do what you want

Trust me, If Excel can do it, then VBAXLMan can do it

Monday 4/12/2010 5:10:35 AM
Apr 6

Not Show Excel Formula Results?


I have a formula with IF function in a cell and I dragged it to replicate the formula .

This added FALSE in all the cells how do i avoid that and have nothign displayed but the formula will still be active in that cell



Use this mask

=IF( [condition] , "", [result])

Something like this
=IF(A1-"", "", 40/A1)
This will show nothing if the cell A1 is empty

You can also try this
=IF( NOT(ISNUMBER( A1)),"",40/A1)

Enjoy it


Monday 4/6/2009 1:40:53 PM