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May 11

What software can you get thats free and that you can upload videos and burn them onto a VCD format?



limewire from


Thursday 5/11/2006 5:11:38 PM
Apr 6

This is really starting to chafe my willy. When I try to open Limewire, it blinks, then dosnt work. Help?

Lime wire was working just fine and dandy before. But when my system restore program on my Windows PC reset... it dosn't work. It will just blink like one ur' two times, then nothing happens. If someone could help me out here, that would rock, thanx.


1- Remove it from your computer.
2- Your songs are saved, don't worry
3- Install JAVA (see links below)
4- restart your computer
5- Install the latest version of LimeWire again (see links below)

And enjoy again

Thursday 4/6/2006 3:15:26 PM
Mar 29

Why wont my Limewire open?

Ok Limewire was working fine until i tried to download counterstrike. After that i gave up becuase i couldnt get it to work. When i tried to open BF2 nothing happened except it froze loading the black screen. It kept doing this counteuiously. I performed a system restore and everything was going fine.. except limewire kept popping up every 10 seconds and my ctrl alt delete wouldnt work. I restored again and got everything working fine. Later when I tried to start Limewire it wouldnt come up and all i got was the little hourglass for a split second like it was going to load it but it cant. I really need my music!!!! I have tried uninstalling and installing but that didnt work. BTW I did a spybot scan and found viruses so I killed them. I also tried undoing those viruses to see if it would work then, but it still didnt so i killed them again. PLZ HELP!!!!


I don't think you can solve this problem without installing antivirus software, And As it mentioned get ready to format and reinstall Windows because will see a brand new creative problem every day.
BUT you still can get your music by copying the files in C:\Program files\Limewire this is the place where it usually saved your music, Unlless you change it.

Wednesday 3/29/2006 7:36:45 PM