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May 4

How to import into MS Word ,data from two worksheets from Workbook of MS Excel file ?

I have MS-excel Data with a customer sheet with address details on one sheet & Items bought by a customer on other sheet,by using mail merge I am able to generate a letter for each customer by using customer sheet,I want to include details of items bought(from that items sheet).


I suggest you having a third worksheet that list the customers and their buying details
Then mail merge it

You might need to use formulas to do so, like VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, IF, COUNTA, etc
use the customerID to grap these info


Tuesday 5/4/2010 3:40:57 AM
Feb 12

How to create a function in Excel...a second question?

Thank you to the person that helped me yesterday...a huge help! The isanswer and match functions worked great!

I now need to write a formula to do the following: I need to find if the value in cell C1/Sheet 1 is in column D/Sheet 2. If true, return the value (text) in Column E/Sheet 2 that is in the same row as the value found in Column D. If false, return "null" or "false".

I tried the same isanswer and match formula as it seemed it was close to the solution but it didn't work. Can you help me again? :)


Paste this in cell E1 Sheet2
=IF( ISNA(MATCH( Sheet1!C1, Sheet2!D:D,0)), "","Text")

And fill it down

----- Edit ----
Yes, in this case, use this
=IF( ISNA(VLOOKUP( Sheet1C1, Sheet2!D:E,2,FALSE )),"Not found",VLOOKUP( Sheet1C1, Sheet2!D:E,2,FALSE))

This whould work


Thursday 2/12/2009 3:18:14 PM
Jan 16

I need excel spreadsheet help for my new company?

I'm starting a company based on commission only. I need an equation for excel in which I can input a $$ amount sold and have it auto read the different pay scales and generate their income. in $$s and on a line graph. The pay scale is as follows:

$612 to $1223 is 6%
$1224 to $2447 is 12%
$2448 to $4895 is 24%
$4895 to $ 8499 is 26%
and $8500+ is 27.5%



Do this pay scale in a separate sheet, make it Sheet1 cells A2:C6 having A2 is 612, B2 1223, C2 6%
and so on
Now, in another sheet, put your amount in cell D4, and in E4 paste this:

=INDEX( Sheet1!C2:C6,MATCH( D4,Sheet1!A2:A6,1))

and this in F4

That is all

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Friday 1/16/2009 12:14:18 AM