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Apr 7

Free Softwarre to Restore my Notebook Hardisk?

Hello please help if u can
My Notebook was stolen and recently found by the Police Authorities - YES the system was ok but all the hard disk contents had been formatted.

Now - I do a lot of Database development on DBF which I had planned to convert to Alpha 5 - but the way it is now i do not know how to go about it considering the fact that all my data are locked up in the formatted hard Disk

Can anyone give me a software that will enable me unformat my hard disk? I have tried on the NET but all the ones i got could not handle 80GB on NTFS - and besides - they all asked for money

Please if u have a software that works - do me a kind favour and forward same to this email address - I will show my appreciation please

My email addresses are (1) and (2)

In addition - i am available on Yahoo Messenger for chat on firstjos - thanks a lot


Try to download FinalData2.
This one is powerfull, I used it myself to recover my 160GB NTFS partitions and files.

I will send you the key by mail if you want

Belive me it worth every penny.

Friday 4/7/2006 2:17:34 AM