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Dec 5

Why won't Yahoo won't export contacts to .csv file?

I'm trying to create a csv file with all of my yahoo contacts. I hit the "export all" the file for a yahoo.csv, screen shows a file downloads but no contact data is included in the excel file. Its just an empty excel file that includes first name, last name, address, email etc...but none of the contacts' data is included?
What am I doing wrong?


Could be a prblem in that file format
Try open it in Notepad

Also, try add some more contacts then export again

Did you try another format?

Monday 12/5/2011 3:06:03 PM
Apr 11

Import address.dat file?

Hi, is there a way to import an old "address.dat" file into Outlook 2007 without installing Palm Desktop? I have an old backup contacts list but I no longer use a Palm. I have tried to read the .dat file with Notepad, Word and Excel but it is illegible. Thanks in advance.


Try these links……

Sunday 4/11/2010 7:47:41 AM
Apr 2

Database records exported to Excel CSV encode language characters?

I have database records that use different language characters (European languages mostly). When exported to Excel file, CSV to be exact, these characters are come through as encoded. I have an example here, characters "zlw" output as "zlw". I tried "charset=UTF-8", "charset=ISO-8859-1" and nothing. Any ideas?


You might need several attempts
- Copy the CSV file, in case you messed it up
- Open the CSV file in NotePad (Open NotePad, drag the file to it.)
- Do "Save As", now what is the suggested format of the file?
- I recommend importing the file in Excel instead of open it
- In both cases, use the same format used in Notepad

I faced issues like that when I work with Arabic/Hebrew chars, and these steps usually work it out

If not, then pay attention to the format when you export the data from the database, most database applications give you the ability to choose the format when export

Good luck and don't forget, VBAXLMan is here

Friday 4/2/2010 3:25:51 PM
Jan 21

What are the available Note-Taking Apps for Windows?

I'm looking for the best note taking app that runs on windows and saves locally (at least has that ability). Does anyone have any ideas?


You can try any of those:
1- Install Yahoo! Widgets and get the notepad widget, it is all free
2- There is an application comes with Microsoft OFfice 2007 that does that too
3- Or check free ones here…

VBAXLMan is back

Wednesday 1/21/2009 5:26:35 PM