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2 Q & A posts tagged with OpenOffice

May 5

Google spreadsheet format: how to make it look like a questionnaire and not like an excel file?

i wrote a spreadsheet on google which looked like a questionnaire (with options, multiple choice etc.) but when i saved it the original format disappeared and instead i got what looks like an excel file. How can i switch to the original format without re-writing it?


When you say "saved it" you meant export it to your desktop, right?

If so, then try to save it as another format, may be OpenOffice Calc, or any other format
Google was meant to be online and accessed from other locations

If not, then you need to report this as a bug to Google


Wednesday 5/5/2010 5:22:15 AM
Apr 26

I want the output of my PHP to be opened in EXCEL or OpenOfficeSpreadsheet. How can I do it?

I have one PHP program which use mysql database. I want t the output to be opened in EXCEL/OpenOfficeSpreadsheet(in a separate window) when I click on a link provided. Any option to do it other than to save it as a CSV?The problem with CSV is that it opens as a single column and I have to use text to columns option to convert into columns. Thanks in advance.


CSV is Comma Separated Values

Means if you use values with comma as separator, Excel will open in in multiple columns

like this
"Value 1" , "Value2 " , "The long value of 3rd column"


Monday 4/26/2010 11:56:54 PM