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May 12

My excel is not working on my 2003 professional edition of microsoft. How do I get it to work again?

I just got rid of a virus and tried to upload microsoft updates. Now excel doesn't work. Every time I try to open it, it tells me that it is installing the new version. Then it says the network is unavailable and something about PRO11.MSI.


It is obvious, you will need to reinstall Office2003 again
You need to have the CD for it, the same original CD you installed it the first time, to do Installation repair.

When you insert the CD, you will have several options one of them is Reinstall Office to fix some errors.


Wednesday 5/12/2010 3:49:22 PM
May 8

How do I get my PDA to scan bar codes into pocket excel while I'm scanning into another program?

I use a Dell Axim x5 with a scanner attached to scan the bar codes of books in order to find out their prices on the net. I would like to get a listing of each bar code scanned in pocket excel without having to scan each bar code twice.


Usually scan bar devices got the scanned bar info into one application
So you need to have any book scanned twice in order to make it in both applications

If you want it to read the bars into Excel only, then just open Excel, and start read the books

You might need to press enter after each read


Saturday 5/8/2010 11:00:50 AM
Apr 5

How do I view and edit Excel documents on my HTC Snap?

I have been trying to figure it out, it was the main reason for buying this particular phone. I have read through the manual twice, but most of the stuff in there is common sense stuff...not what I need. Can anyone help me?


Your phone comes with Windows Mobile 6.1, right?
Then you should already got Microsoft Excel Mobile.
Just copy the file into your phone and open it

If you don't have Windows Mobile, then I you need to have a third-party app that opens it.


Monday 4/5/2010 10:52:34 AM