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Jan 17

I want to fix a pic in MS Excel 2007 cell and to use in an another sheet with Vlook up formula?

For each cell of employee I want to fix a pic and to use in forms with Vlookup formula


Excel functions are working with text and numbers
You can not do this with functions, instead you will need macros to do that

I would suggest to do a folder with employee pictures named with employee ids
Then insert a picturebox in that Excel file and do some macros to make it read the selected employee picture.

Something like this:
Sub ReadPic()
EmployeeID =Range("A1").value
PictureBox1.picture=LoadPicture( "D:\Pix\" & EmployeeID & ".jpg")
End Sub

This will read the picture in the picturebox assuming cell A1 had the employee id

I will be glad to help if you just send me the file you are talking about and more details to build the macro for you


Saturday 1/17/2009 10:34:54 AM