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Nov 12

How do you insert external data into excel STARTER?

This question is specifically for Microsoft Excel STARTER. It's not like on other versions of excel where you have a data tab and can follow the steps from there.
I have already checked google also so please don't suggest pages on their or searching it on google. I have also checked the microsoft website.

BASICALLY, if you personally know how you insert data into Microsoft Excel STARTER I would really appreciate the steps on how to do it :) And will rate best answer for whoever tells me. Thanks


There are actually several ways, basically using VBA or macros
If you know how to do that there are several macros out there

I would suggest one of these
to read directly from MySQL DB into Excel sheet

or use…
to read from sql or Access


Again, those are macros (Using the back door for Excel) to insert these data

If none of them helped, let me know from where are you inserting the data and I would be glad to show you the way.

let me know if that helped

Saturday 11/12/2011 2:17:09 AM