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Nov 14

How do I write a formula in Excel to figure out age and then if older?

Here is my question:
How would I a write a formula that figures out someone's age and then checks if that age is greater than 55? I know the birth date but am not sure on how to formulate. Nested function, if so how?


One if should do the trick
Assuming the birth date is on cell A1, paste this in B1
=IF( TODAY()-A1>55*356, "Older than 55", "Younger than 55")

let me know if this helped

Monday 11/14/2011 6:06:28 AM
Apr 4

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 counting months?

how do i count the amount of months i have been employed
i want the worksheet to update automatical everytime i open it, no static values

Start Date =DATE(2007,8,22)
Today Date =TODAY()
Days =B8-B7 = 592

whats the formula to count the there a easy way
any help much appreciated...thanks


Based on how you want to show the number of months (Integers or parts) you got several options:
1- do this in any cell
This will give you how many 30 days this period has

2- You also do this
=INT(( B8-B7).30)
To get how many full months


Saturday 4/4/2009 1:34:45 PM