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May 12

In Excel 2007, how do I make specific number values correspond to specific text values?

I'm trying to create a template for entering social science questionnaires, and SPSS has spoiled me. When I start entering the data, I want to able to type numbers and then have the correct text fill the box. For example, one question concerns race. I want to be able to type "1" and have "caucasian" automatically appear in the box. However, I want to RETAIN the number values so that I can easily run statistical analyses. Can Excel do this? Someone please help!


Yes, it can
This called VLOOKUP function, it is very popular and widely used

Here is a lesson on how to do that…


Wednesday 5/12/2010 8:55:57 PM
Jan 21

Windows Dvd Maker & Movie maker continuously shutting down?

Opening the two associated programs is fine, its when i click on something or try to add something the program freezes and the message:
Windows Movie Maker has stopped working.
It does the same for DVD Maker.
Ive checked that all my programs have been updated but yet this problem still occurs.
I have plenty of ram and all that so its nothing to do with the hardware. Im on windows vista.

Not sure if this associates with the problem but when i try to insert my USB into the laptop a message appears in the bottom right (a balloon) saying USB has malfunctioned.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks :)


You said it might not related with hardware, but I am afraid it is
First you need to do the following:
- Delete Empty files from (C:\Users\ [YOURUSERNAME\ \ AppData \ Temp) Windows put some files for temporary and that could make that problem
- Did you changed the Ram recently? it sounds like a ram conflection to me
- If not, then make sure you are having a good VGA card (Display adapter) that can hundle the files you are working with.
- Check also if you are facing this in some files or not
- Do you case this also in any other heavy graphic applications (Like Premier or PhotoShop)?

Good luck with that


Wednesday 1/21/2009 5:30:29 PM
Apr 2

What type of file is a DEOD file?? ie 1-28-2865.deod ; found in my TEMP folder on WindowsXP system?


You will find alot of files there, Alot of applications are making alot of temperary files in this folder.
They should be delete, so do.
If you could not, it mean it still open, leave it

You can delete all files in this folder.

I am doing that daily.

Sunday 4/2/2006 6:32:27 AM